The Great Things About Reunions

Whether it’s a Family, Church or Class reunions, they can be fun or not so. It’s hard not to compare yourselves to others. You think about where you are now versus where you thought you might be.

Reunions generate a plethora of fun, excitement, nervessness or downright dread. No matter what we’ve accomplished since that big event, the prospect of reuniting with old classmates, family members or former co-workers, you can transport back—in-time to better or worse memories.

At my recent Class Reunion,
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San Jacinto Day in the United States

San Jacinto Day is a day of state pride for Texans in the United States on April 21 each year. It commemorates the Battle of San Jacinto between the Texan army and Mexican forces, which took place on April 21, 1836. The battle was a turning point for Texas’ independence from Mexico.

Did You Know?

The Battle of San Jacinto lasted for only 18 minutes. However, hundreds of Mexicans were killed, injured or captured. Nine Texan soldiers were killed and 26 were wounded.

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God’s Voice has a Sound

Power Thoughts: God’s Voice has a Sound and It’s a Sound that Breaks the Barriers in Your Life to Pieces!

There is much taught about the “Word of God” but less is taught about the VOICE of God. It was the voice of the Lord that Adam communed with in the garden.

1. I was thinking about the relationship up the mountain when this verse popped up- Exodus 19:20 “The Lord CALLED Moses TO THE TOP OF THE MOUNTAIN, and Moses went up.” The voice takes you to the top of your mountain also.

2. In fact it is The VOICE that causes the last days shaking of hell and earth (Hebrew 12:26). Those interested in the 7 Mountains need to hear this clear message about the MOUNTAINS and the VOICE!

3. His VOICE has a sound and it’s a sound that breaks the barriers in your life to pieces. (Psalm 29:5)

Go Here for 8 AMAZING facts about the “Voice” of the Lord. Lance Wallnau

Lance Wallnau

Cashier Slipped Note To Couple, Shocked At Request

Kolbie Sanders was starving after getting off work, so she swung by the first place she found  open at 1 a.m. to get a bite to eat. As she waited in line, she happened to notice the cashier slip the customers in front of her a note. She caught what it said and was shocked by the employee’s admission and what happened after.

Sanders said she watched as the couple in front of them tried to order, but the cashier seemingly ignored them with a smile, until passing the two a note. “The girl ordered her food and the cashier just looked at her, smiled, and very faintly said ‘I am deaf, can you please talk slower.’ The girl lit up and said ‘oh, of course!’” Sanders explained, but that didn’t seem to work. So, he slid a paper across the counter with instruction for them to write their order down. The two did so without hesitation or complaint, despite the amount of time the transaction took.

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