Why Do Birds Sing?, Stop Crazy Eating Cycle, Kids Help Around the House

No Shots For Toys This Weekend: Charity flu shot clinic canceled (Lufkin Daily)

bad-eating-habitsStop The Crazy Cycle: Overcoming Bad Eating Habits (Fox News), Another Website about the Eating Cycle. (WebMD), And Lettuce, Eggs Top Riskiest Food List (CNN)

Chores: Age appropriate suggestions for helping out around the house (parents.com)

Ever Wonder Why? … birds sing? Male birds do most of the singing, and they do it to stake out their territory and to invite the female of the species to be their mate. It is interesting that females tend to select as mate those male birds that sing the most. The females do this, it is believed, not because they like the singing but because they have learned that the males that sing the most have the most food in their territory. Since the male doesn’t have to spend much time hunting for food, it has more time to sing.
The amazing lyre bird, which mimics the calls of other birds – and chainsaws and camera shutters – in the following video clip from The Life of Birds. Aren’t God’s creatures fascinating? This is presented by David Attenborough.

Today In History:
Oliver Laurence North – US Marine Corps Lieutenant Colonel (retired) born in 1943.
Michael W. Smith – Christian Music Artist

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