Commitment, National Mentoring Month, Brain Excercises, National Healthcare

Power Thought

  • Any time you make a commitment to something, it will be tested. Pass the test & Succeed!
  • A commitment does not end with the decision, it’s just getting started.
  • Mary Lou Retton said, “Achieving a goal is a good feeling, but to get there you have to go through the failures. Pick yourself up and succeed.

Wayne Waddleton of Detcog speaks on National Mentoring Month across Texas Forest Country.

The phrase “use it or lose it” applies to more than just the muscles in our bodies. Check Out These 5 Daily Brain Exercises (FOX NEWS)

House Votes To Repeal Healthcare Law: The vote was 245-189. The bill now goes to the Senate, where it’s unlikely to pass. (Politico)

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