Rules & School

If you are starting to think about school starting soon, here’s a story about rules at school.

There once was a boy who would break the rules of the school and there was lady teacher who asked the boy to stay behind for a talk. The boy thought he was getting licks. However, the teacher sat down and began to talk the boy kindly. He thought to himself this was worse than the licks and he did not like it. The teacher said, “She had made up her mind that if she cannot control the school by love that she would give it up and the little boy would have no discipline.

Then, she said, “If you love me, try and keep the rules of the school.” The boy felt something right here in his throat. He was not one to shed many tears; but they would come – He could not keep them back. He said to the teacher, “You will have no more trouble with me;” (I found out that this story came from D.L. Moody. Wow.)

Christ says, “If you love Me, keep My commandments.” He takes us out from under the law, and puts us under grace. Grace will break the hardest heart. By seeing Jesus, we are transformed. He is not looking for ‘behavior modification”. He is looking for “heart transformation.