One More Thought!

One more thought before the NFL Super Bowl XLVII – 2013 fades into a fleeting memory.

The truth is, we all won on Super Bowl Sunday with a day full of a good ole American past time, regardless of the teams playing.

Football is well loved by women and men everywhere, whether it’s by sitting on cold bleachers during a school game or yelling at the television when their team does something memorable.

The two coaches are brothers in case you didn’t know it.

Brother against brother? Perhaps but they both have to go home and think about the other afterwards, and somewhere in that thought process these coaches will remember a time when they as little kids threw the ball back and forth between themselves.

So, maybe this is the day the motivation from Sunday has a few families tossing the old pig skin back and forth, or cheering on a family member during another life changing event; a birth, a move, a new job, a graduation. There are plenty of touchdowns waiting to happen.

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