It’s Teacher Appreciation Week

happy teacher appreciation week

It’s Teacher Appreciation Week!

Start Simple–A Teacher’s Gift from You… A heartfelt, handwritten thank you note goes a long way to sharing the love. Make it even more meaningful by including something specific the teacher has said or done that has made a difference.

Involve your Kids… Teachers treasure personal notes from their students. Here are some sentence starters to share with your kids:
You’re extra special because…     Thank you for…,      I love how you…,    This year you’ve taught me…

Involve the Classroom…
Have each child bring one flower on a designated day. Involve class parents and setup a week of pampering – parents take turns bringing the teacher a treat in the morning (like her favorite coffee), delivering lunch, or supervising at recess so she gets an extra break.

Extra Love…
Have each homeroom ‘adopt’ a teacher without a dedicated class so s/he gets recognized, too. Art, music, PE, reading specialists, etc., are “everyone’s” teachers but might get lost in the shuffle of Teacher Appreciation Week.

Work with the PTA to bring a small gift each day to each teacher and staff member, e.g.:
Cute Tape measure: It’s easy to measure the difference you make, you’re amazing!
Packet of Flower seeds: Thanks for helping our children blossom this year!
Coffee gift card: Thanks a ‘latte’ for all you do!

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