Help someone stay cool during the dangerous summer heat!

Fans for the 4thHelp someone stay cool during the dangerous summer heat!

Fans for the 4th, a fan drive collecting gently used and new fans for our neighbors.

CBTx has partnered with Love Inc. to get the fans distributed to those in need.

You can leave a fan or monetary donation at any Commercial Bank location in Angelina County.  Fans will be collected thru Friday July 6th.  For more information contact Valena Spradley at 633-5807 or

How to prepare your home – and family – for summer vacation

travelHow to prepare your home – and family – for summer vacation:

  1. Keep a notebook in your purse or in a handy place. Write down every single task that is taking up space in your head. Everything is going so quickly when you’re trying to get out the door on vacation. Don’t leave anything up to memory.
  2. Make arrangements for your pets – if you have to use a kennel check it out randomly so you can see how things really operate.
  3. Make lists for the person checking on your house – Leave on the kitchen counter. Again, detail and specific tasks are important. Don’t write “go around the house and water plants.” I put the small plants in the kitchen so it is easy for someone to water them. I’ll put those plants on the list and I’ll also note, “There is a big plant in the master bedroom. Water that.” And I’ll gather the outdoor plants in one place and add: “Water the outdoor plants on the side of the house.”
  4. The whole family is going on vacation so the whole family helps us get ready to go. Don’t just say, “You need to clean up.” say, “You’re on toy duty, and all the toys need to be taken inside and put away.
  5. Cleaning out the refrigerator is important. The night before you go on vacation have a leftover buffet.
  6. Check with your insurance carrier. Make sure you’re following their guidelines while you’re on vacation. Some carriers want people to come in several days a week while you’re gone, even on two-week vacations. You don’t want to find out after something happens that you’re not covered. Also, unplug as many small appliances as possible to save electricity.
  7. Take out the garbage. No one wants to come home and find garbage in the kitchen.
  8. Timed lights inside and out are helpful.
  9. Have the person checking on your house to pick up mail and newspapers – no one to help ask the post office and paper to hold your deliveries.