Sneaky Summer Injuries

summer safety cheklistSneaky Summer Injuries

More than 29 million people are treated in the ER for injuries every year, according to the CDC, and summertime is far and away the busiest season.   Here’s how to avoid becoming a statistic, and some treatment tips if you’re reading this a little too late.

  1. BBQ blunders… Exercise caution when lighting the grill and opening the cover, since once it’s fired up, the whole shebang is hot. Always grill in a well-ventilated area and use long tongs so you don’t scorch yourself or your clothing.
  2. Killer sunburns… Use  sunscreens with broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection.  Slather on another two or three tablespoons every 90 minutes, whether you’ve been in the water or not.
  3. Lawn mowing injuries… Make sure your mower is in good working condition, clear the yard of any objects that could be flung by the lawnmower blades, and don’t mow without enough daylight. Always wear proper protective equipment, including pants, long sleeves, closed toe shoes, sunglasses and, ideally, hearing protection.
  4. Heat rashes… Reduce sweating by staying in the AC in extreme temps, and wear lightweight, breathable clothing when you can’t hunker down indoors. Exercisers should change out of their soaking-wet gym clothes as soon as their workout is done and shower with an anti-bacterial soap.
  5. Aching feet… Unless you’re hanging out in a locker room, poolside, or on the beach, skip the flips and select a sturdier shoe.  As you get older, you tend to have collapsing of the arches, and a flip-flop doesn’t do anything to help support that. They throw off the entire alignment of your lower body, causing knee, back, and hip problems. Choose a sandal that has more contour and arch support.
  6. Bug bites… If you’re heading into the woods, skip the shorts and tanks and cover up with lightweight, long-sleeved shirts and pants. Make sure to also wear insect repellant on exposed skin.
  7. Dehydration…  Stay hydrated by drinking water or electrolyte replacement solutions whenever you feel thirsty.  Freeze a half-full water bottle and fill it before you head outside. Try to do outdoor activities during the cooler times of the day, and if you work outside, make sure you take frequent breaks in the shade.

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