Hook Em’ and Reel Em’ in

hello my nameHook Em’ in with your life, Reel Em’ in with your Love

Matthew West could’ve named his song “I Am a Child of the One True King.” Instead he wrapped the concept around those funky little “Hello my name is” name tags we get at a party. Something we all identify with.

Jesus does the same thing with parables. He wraps His concepts around the real life examples of those around Him. Here’s a couple of examples: Instead of saying “heaven’s excited about someone’s salvation,” He wraps it around one sheep lost out of 99. Instead of just saying “the last are equal to the first when it comes to heaven,” He tells the story of someone slaving in a field for one hour getting paid the same as one who slaves away all day.

Matthew West’s first verse could’ve just started with “My name is regret.” His second verse could’ve started with “My name is defeat.” But by adding one word to the beginning of both of those lines, he’s made it into a real life parable we can identify with: “Hello!”

Our songwriters reel you and others like you in with short lyrics and music. However, you can do the same. Are you setting the hook with your words?

Jesus, through parables, taught us to set the hook to reel them in, and when we give a friend a delightful little bit before before we tell a story to a friend, we’re setting the hook. Use your real life parables of memories, belief. shared experiences, and humor to connect your friend to the “One True King.”

by Sterling Tarrant

You are Enough

note to self“You are enough – God made you for a specific purpose.”

When you rest in the truth of how much Christ loves you, you find yourself starting to love others with the same kind of love. When you understand how much patience Christ has for you, you begin to have the same kind of patience for others. When you understand how much grace God gives to you, you begin to have the same kind of grace for others.