Eats that Ease Aches

Eats that ease aches – What do a cup of coffee, a bowl of beans, and a couple of ibuprofen have in common? Surprising answer: They all reduce pain. Popping a pill may be easier, but it does nothing to cure the underlying cause of your pain like eating the right foods can do.

Achy joints     Food Rx: Cherries, turmeric
Eating about 20 tart cherries may be as effective as taking ibuprofen for reducing pain. In a more recent study, eating about 45 cherries a day reduced the protein associated with arthritis, by 25%.

Sore Muscles  Food Rx: Ginger
In a recent study, people who lifted weights experienced 25% less post-workout pain 24 hours after consuming ginger (about half a teaspoon a day for 11 days) than those taking a placebo.

Heartburn      Food Rx: Beans
A study found that people who regularly ate high-fiber foods like beans were 20% less likely to report GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease) symptoms, probably because fiber moves food out of the stomach faster and prevents reflux.

Digestive Pain            Food Rx: Peppermint, coconut
The menthol in fresh peppermint and peppermint tea acts as a compound that relieves gas and bloating and a muscle relaxer, which can help relieve the cramping and spasms associated with occasional intestinal distress and full-blown IBS.

PMS Cramps             Food Rx: Nuts
Your body may be telling you that you need brownies, but opt for trail mix when that PMS funk hits. A study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that women with the highest intakes of riboflavin from foods such as almonds were more than a third less likely to develop PMS, including cramps and brain fog. Foods high in vitamin B6, such as pistachios, can also help reduce irritability, cramps, and fluid retention.

Headaches                  Food Rx: Coffee, pumpkin seeds
Your pounding head is often a result of dilated, or enlarged, blood vessels in your brain. Caffeinated drinks such as coffee can help constrict blood vessels and ease the pain; they also make painkillers work better so you can reduce your dose. But if you have the mother of all headaches—a migraine—you may be deficient in magnesium and could benefit from foods rich in this nutrient, such as pumpkin seeds. Magnesium helps calm the overexcited nerves and tense muscles that contribute to migraine pain.

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Donald Wayne Cook

imageThe Obituary to follow captures a lot of the essence of Don Cook, Board Member Emeritus at KSWP/KAVX/LEBF. Yet not everything. It’s not possible to capture it all. If you knew Don, you know what I mean. So, first let me add my thoughts on my friend, colleague and fellow worker in Christ’s work on Earth.

When I met Don about 16 years and 7 months ago, the first things I noticed, he looked me in the eye with a warm and welcoming smile. He ask all about me and my family. He always was interested in you.

The radio ministry was a passion of Don. When Don met Dwyan & Vera Calvert, pastors at that time at Calvary Chapel Church in Lufkin. Don and Dwyan became fast friends. Dwyan related this story, this was before the radio stations existed, Dwyan was in the church praying when Don showed up. They prayed together for quite a while when Don stopped and and said, “the Lord was going to raise up a ‘Lighthouse’ over East Texas that would touch the world.” The Lord has done just that through KSWP and KAVX as they minister to 13 counties in East Texas, 3 Parishes in West Louisiana, and to thousands of people in The U.S and other countries.

Don Cook was a Board Member, until recent years, when he was selected to be Board Member Emeritus because of illness. Through the years at board meetings, he would be last or near last in speaking on the subject we were discussing. It was always packed with questions, insight, wisdom and usually a challenge to do our best, yet with such humility.

When the subject of his The Lord was the topic, often, you might be there a while. It was his favorite subject, with Cheryl and hid family and friends second.

Al (& Michelle)

Obituary (published on the Jasper radio website for KJAS)

Donald Wayne Cook, 61, of Newton, Texas went to be with the Lord on Saturday, July 20, 2013, at St. Elizabeth Hospital in Beaumont, Texas.

He was a native of Houston, Texas and has made Newton his home since 1981. He was born August 5, 1951. He was preceded in death by his father, Joseph Cook, brother, Joseph Cook Jr., and infant son, Donald W. Cook Jr.

Those that will carry on his living legacy of faith are his wife of 45 years, Cheryl Cook of Newton; Mother, Hazel Cook of Katy; sister, Linda Stanley of Houston; sister, Kay Weiss of Katy; daughter Shawn Wilkerson and her husband, Jay of Newton; daughter Deanna Dougharty and her husband, Steven of Newton; daughter Melissa Cook and her husband Heath of Willis; and daughter Lauren Cook-Swonke and her husband Chris of Willis; grandchildren Caleb, Catherine, and Noah Wilkerson, Raegan, Blair and Christopher Dougharty, Seth, Bailee, and Autumn Cook, Quinn and Judah Swonke.

Donald lived his life to serve and honor God and raised his family to do the same. He founded Crossroad Christian Fellowship in 1982, and retired from the pastorate in 2008. He also served as chaplain for Odyssey Hospice from 2005 to 2011. His greatest passion in life was to lead people to Jesus Christ.

He loved to fish, care for his cows and chickens, develop his property and enjoyed building his home. Donald was a beloved father – loved by his daughters more than words can express. He was a devoted husband – committed to one woman for his entire life. There has never been a more noble, gentle and faithful friend.

A visitation was held last night from 5-8 p.m. at Crossroad Christian Fellowship at 1204 W. Court in Newton. The funeral will be held Tuesday, July 23 at 10 a.m., also at Crossroad Christian Fellowship.