Speak Life

speak-lifeTobay Mac’s new song is called “Speak Life.” Listen for these great words in the middle of the song.  They go by fast:  “Words from our lips as the arms of compassion” Michelle and I encourage you to either speak some words of compassion today, or to make at least one conversation today with a sole purpose is to show compassion to another.

Here’s an interesting story I heard from a friend, here are the points that really encouraged me to be a better person, My friend said,

  • I know a man who is always texting his staff.  Three to four times a week each staff member will get a message about how appreciated they are.
  • New staff find it kind of disconcerting at first.  It seems kind of strange.  Sort of overly positive.
  • But after months of getting these texts, one comes to find out that he really means it.  He really cares.
  • It causes attitudes to change, days to be brightened.  You start to really feel appreciated.
  • I encourage you to give it a try.  Start texting encouraging words to those you know as you think of them.

Michelle and I are playing this song at 7:33 this morning.

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