03182016 God is like, God Protects, Self Driving/Braking Cars

Your Power Thought:



pray when you dont know what to doPlease Pray – Father God, I praise you and give thanksgiving for pr0tecting my husband during his motorcycle accident. I pray that you allow him to be healed quickly. I pray he seeks and finds you first and foremost and in all things. I pray you strengthen us and help us put Christ first in our marriage. Amen #prayerworkskswpkavx


self-brakingSelf-Breaking Cars: Major U.S. automakers struck a deal with the federal government mandating that by 2022 most cars will have breaks that think for themselves. The deal was reached as the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration continues to look for ways to bring the number of roadway accidents down. The breaks would automatically activate if the driver is too slow to react in a potentially dangerous situation.

Self-driving cars -Need to make way for self-driving tractors. The first GPS-guided tractor is expected to go to work within weeks at an Idaho potato farm. The tractor is about half the size of a normal machine, and has no steering wheel or seat. The company hopes to build 60 more this year, and has already received commitments for 100 of the driverless tractors.

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