Road Trip Games

Road Trip Games

Have you ever threatened to pull over and make a child get out of your car because she began one sentence too many with the words “I spy”?

I’ve come close to snapping like that during family road trips. Maybe it’s just me, but I needed some new car games, or at least twists on some old ones. My kids deserve better choices during long drives, and so do yours.

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Great Story Captain Clint Dempsey


Photo: JEWEL SAMAD, Staff — Captain Clint Dempsey, center, of Nacogdoches, leads the U.S. team into its first match of the 2014 World Cup against Ghana on Monday.

NACOGDOCHES – The soccer field tucked away between the brown brick buildings of Nacogdoches High School and the towering pine trees is empty on a rainy June afternoon, with puddles forming on the freshly mowed grass.

Inside the school, down a small hallway of canary yellow brick walls, sits Farshid Niroumand, the keeper of that field. He is the man who built that soccer field. He built a soccer program.

Niroumand also helped build Clint Dempsey. And Niroumand is a legend in the town that helped build Clint Dempsey.

Dempsey, 31, got his start in Nacogdoches, “the oldest town in Texas,” and his stardom reaches far beyond the city limits.

He’s the captain and a forward on the U.S. team that begins its World Cup run against Ghana on Monday in Natal, Brazil.

His jersey is worn nationwide and can be purchased at all three of the sporting goods stores in town. The local soccer complex recently was named in his honor.

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Powerless without Reaction & 1st Day of Summer

Monday, June 20 – It’s the First Day of Summer (Summer Solstice) 2016

Downloaded from  | Only High Quality HD Wallpapers

Downloaded from | Only High Quality HD Wallpapers

Good Friends Morning Thought: “Don’t get upset with people or situations. Both are powerless without your reaction.”