‘Finding Dory’ Should Stay Hidden

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So Finding Nemo sparked a aquarium fish revolution 13 years ago.The industry is bracing for another round thanks to Finding Dory. But apparently its not an good idea!
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Pixar’s Finding Nemo (2003) became an instant classic, but it also delivered some good life lessons: family is what you make of it, persistence and love will win the day, and fish belong in the ocean rather than in our homes. Unfortunately, that last moral didn’t seem to stick with moviegoers. As you’ll see in the video above from Great Big Story, conservationists say that the demand for pet clownfish like Nemo skyrocketed after the film’s release, and the same is poised to happen with Dory, the blue tang who stars in the recently released Finding Dory. But unlike clownfish, blue tangs can’t be raised in captivity, which means 100 percent of the blue tangs for sale are wild-caught.

The aquarium trade put a huge dent in wild clownfish populations after Finding Nemo. In some places, the species even went locally extinct. Fortunately (for the wild fish, anyway), clownfish are relatively easy to breed in captivity, so families in search of their own Nemo could potentially purchase an ethically raised fish.

The same is not true for Dory. To date, there is only one place in the world that has successfully raised blue tangs, and that’s in an aquaculture laboratory at the University of Florida. The lab is not breeding tangs for sale, which means that the only blue tang you can buy is one that has been forcibly removed from its home on a coral reef, possibly with poison.

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Trust in Him & An Adventure


Encouraging Word: The Lord is Good, a Strong  Refuge when trouble comes. He is close to those who Trust in Him!

An Adventure

A few years ado my wife and I are spending our days reading, napping and walking the numerous trails on the hunting lease. Every morning, I wake up early and hike through the lease. By the time the morning mist lifts, I’ve encountered quite a few forest friends.

I saw a deer, turkey, a raccoon, a cayote, a turtle, a raccoon, and more birds and squirrels than I could count. And upon each encounter, I scared them all & they ran. Also, God’s Great Outdoors Rocks!

In the midst of earth’s beauty, there was an incredible peace. Except when I scare the wits out of the wildlife … the turkey flew into the woods with loud, rapid gurgling sound, the deer disappeared into the dense forest, the turtle closed the doors of his shell, the rabbit quickly backed into his hole, and the raccoon scurried up an oak tree.

I haven’t retraced my steps or attempted to recreate that amazing experience for about 3 years. In writing this I realize how much I missed going to the woods. I missed the sights and sounds. I missed the alone time with Michelle (wife).

Wow! I haven’t made time to revisited this incredible adventure.

Amazing! ……………………………………………. Ask yourself, Wouldn’t it be amazing to go again?