Words, Hurt or Heal

imageSome of us need more help than others in developing the ability to be true encouragers. At one point in my life I asked the creative God for some creative ideas as to how to be an encourager. For some weeks I asked Him to put someone on my heart to specially encourage that day.

Are you praying about developing the habit of encouragement? Are you asking a creative God for creative ideas in order to do this?
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Storm in the Gulf


97-l Now Has a High Chance of Developing This Week

97-l moved into the Eastern Caribbean Sea Monday and is now located at 14.8 degrees north and 64.8 degrees west. The pressure remains at 1010 millibars, maximum sustained winds are 30mph, and movement is west.

The National Hurricane Center has increased the odds of 97-l developing to 70% within the next five days as of their 2:00pm EDT tropical weather outlook.

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