Why Reading Makes You Carsick

Reading Makes You Carsick Because Your Brain Thinks It’s Being Poisoned

There are those who can happily while away a long road trip with the companionship of a good book, their minds flying away with the plot even as their bodies remain motionless in the passenger seat of a car plowing along a freeway. And then there are those — well, there are those for whom this all sounds very nice in theory but who know that in reality it would probably result in nausea at best, actual vomit at worst. Carsickness is an annoying quirk of human physiology, but it’s one that has more to do with your “idiot brain” than you’d probably think.

Dean Burnett’s book — “Idiot Brain: What Your Head Is Really Up To”… Read more here…


Meteor Shower One to Remember

Jupiter’s Effect Will Make Perseid Meteor Shower One to Remember

The Perseids, the most widely observed and dependable of the annual meteor displays, will peak during the overnight hours of Thursday, Aug. 11 into the morning of Friday, Aug. 12, and this year has all the earmarks of being a spectacular show.

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