Gorrilla Habitat coming to Ellen Trout Zoo

imageThanks for helping your Zoo bring Gorillas to Lufkin. A well attended City Council meeting from interested citizens showed support for this proposed new exhibit. The Lufkin City Council voted to support the effort to bring a Gorrilla Habitat to the Ellen Trout Zoo. image

“We’re looking to have two different enclosures and three gorillas,” said Ellen Trout Zoo Director Gordon Henley. According to Ellen Trout Zoo officials, the gorilla enclosure is still in the fundraising phase. The zoo estimates the whole project will cost around $6 million.

Who would sing for you? & The Olympic Standings

If you walked into a restaurant and suddenly a celebrity was singing a song you love, who would you want that celebrity to be? And what would you want them to be singing?

Dick Van Dyke and the Vantastix surprise a crowd at a Restaurant in Santa Monica.

Olympic Medal standings

Place     Country                     G   S   B   Total
1st.        United States.          28 28 28 84
2nd        Great Britain.           19 19 12 50
3rd.        China.                       17 15 19 51
4th         Russia.                     12 12 14 38
5th         Germany.                 11   8   7  26