Michelle Calvert Ross on Sleep Cycles

cycles_of_sleepSleep Cycle Charts…

Okay so I know I’ve posted this before but now that school has started again i cannot resist….. Get a sleep timer app for your smart phone and calculate the best wake up times and or bedtimes for yourself and your KIDS…

Here’s how it works: If your child goes to bed at 8pm and you wake them up at 6am you are trying to wake them in a deep sleep cylce and they will be impossible…

I HATED WAKING UP my whole life! it was SOOOOO hard UNTIL I got the sleep app… Now I can go to bed later and still wake up refreshed because I’m waking up when my body is naturally waking on it’s own.

Just saying – you can save yourself TONS of heart ache and get the right amount of sleep. You’ll love it. Less Complaining! More rest! The Proper ZZZZZZzzzzzzzz!

Below:  Apps…  and How long to Nap!

Here are some of the apps… Sleepy Time (General),  Sleepy Time zZz (Itunes), Sleep Time Smart Alarm (Android Google)…

how long to nap


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