Hanging on too Stuff? No Quit Stuff!

img_0929“What are you hanging on too?” and “What are you going to let go of?”
Here’s an idea from Bob Goff author of “Love Does.”

How to let go?
He has a “hole” cut in the bottom of his “Left pocket.” Just place “what you don’t want to keep” and it just slide out onto the ground as you walk.

How to keep things?In your Right pocket, leave it intact. Then, Place what you wish to keep in it.

Quit Stuff: “Every Thursday, I quit something,” Goff says. It’s one of his more infamous habits, one that he follows faithfully—and, often, dramatically. He’s been known to break apartment leases, throw out furniture and quit jobs. “You can quit cussing if you want,” he says, “but go a little higher up on the tree. It can be something really good.”

His most recent Thursday resignation was from the board of a prominent charity. “I called the guy that runs it up and said, ‘I’m out!’ And he said, ‘How come?’ And then he paused and said, ‘No! Thursday!’”

The idea is not to be a liability to charitable organizations (although that might be part of the fallout). It’s to give yourself room to grow and to give God room to work. The patterns of life can weigh down and hold back. Quitting things forces you forward to explore new opportunities, to try things you wouldn’t have time for otherwise and to fill your life with things that are fresh, different and dangerous.

Read more from Bob Goff here.

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