Run Dog Run

Day Three (3.) Run Dog Run! Derby the dob was born with deformed legs that mean he can’t run under his own steam. While a cart could help him, it would also limit his mobility and mean he couldn’t play with other dogs.

Then 3D Systems, a company that offers a variety of 3D printing solutions, stepped in and offered Derby specially designed blades on which he can run. Watch the awesome video of Derby’s story above.


75th Anniversay, Remembering Pearl Harbor

75 years later By CBS News

The Japanese attack on December 7th,1941, sparked the defiant battle cry: “REMEMBER PEARL HARBOR.” And even 75 years later, the dwindling ranks of those who watched the attack happen remember it still. Our Cover Story is reported by Lee Cowan:

Hawaii’s Pearl Harbor: It was just a place before it became a memorial … a tropically tranquil place that was Dorinda Nicholson’s childhood home.
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