Defrosting Your Windshield in Seconds

Weatherman Reveals Secret to Defrosting Your Windshield in Seconds (story by Melissa Castellanos)

We all have winter woes, but if you own a car, it’s much worse when you have to defrost and de-ice your windshield in the morning before heading to work.
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Recap of Nac Night of Worship

One Church, One family, One God, One Savior… The Motto of NAC Night of Worship. We saw God bring many of his family – unofficial count 1500 – together Saturday Night at Dragons Football Stadium.

Even in 35 degree weather didn’t keep representation from two dozen churches from coming to gather to Worship. The next Night of Worship is Saturday, February 18. The event follows a “Mini” Mission Nac where believers come together to work for two days on homes for people in Nac in need.