Discover this Year’s Most In-Demand Jobs

By Megan Whitworth of TFCL (Texas Forest Country Living)
If you’re hunting for a new gig, it’s time to discover this year’s hottest jobs. The 2017 Hot Jobs report reveals the most in-demand and emerging jobs across engineering, finance and accounting, human resources, information technology (IT), life sciences, manufacturing and logistics, office and administration, and non-clinical healthcare.

“Experts and many economists, predict a strong economy in 2017. Randstad is offering tips for landing a hot job.

• If you have a knack for science and technology, consider engineering and the unemployment rate is well below the national average.

• Beef up your public accounting and general ledger software skills to be more competitive. You’ll have a leg up if you speak a second language.

• Non-clinical healthcare is booming, with emerging jobs needing additional support.

• Discover new opportunities in life sciences…

• Be the IT guy and consider a job in Big Data positions in high demand.

• As office and administration roles starting to look more like middle management than support staff.

• New technology and innovative production systems are sparking a rebirth in American manufacturing and logistics.

• As employers seek new talent to fill all these hot jobs, consider being the human in human resources.


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