Something You’ve Always Wanted to Finish?

90 year old man receives his high school diploma!

For Lou Schipper, walking to school uphill both ways would have been an improvement. In the 1940s, he walked about a mile from his Aurora, Indiana home to catch a train to Cincinnati every day to attend St. Xavier High School.

“If he had a nickel left, he could catch the bus from Union Terminal to St. Xavier High School,” said Dottie Schipper, Lou Schipper’s wife of 58 years.

On Friday, St. Xavier High School honored the 90-year-old Schipper with his high school diploma, more than 70 years after he would have graduated.

But Schipper didn’t graduate. It wasn’t the long commute that cut his education short, it was World War II. He set his mind to enlisting. He was only 17, and said on Friday that he couldn’t remember how he convinced his mother to let him leave.

“I had my mind made up I was going,” Schipper said.

Schipper joined the Navy “Seabees,” the United States Naval Construction Forces, where he served until his discharge in October 1946.

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