Discipline Can Be Fun, Seriously!


Disciplining your children isn’t fun but it can be. It takes a sense of love, a fun loving attitude and did I mention patience. Plus a creative mind-set for discipline.

So look over these suggestions and let us know if your inspired with alternatives of your own.

a. “Get a timer and use it.” Let’s say their room needs cleaning. With  timer in hand, “You have ________ minutes to straighten the room. The following will occur.” The list consequences, if it isn’t done and/or rewards, if it is. Then follow through!

b. “Time-in:” Send your child to a designated spot to complete a task with a start and finish time. The task has a definite beginning and end. With rewards on completion of a task well-down. Then follow through!

c. “Hold your tongue” literally. Have your child who has just made a rather embarrassing public outburst… stick out their tongue and hold it between two fingers for 2 minutes. It usually only takes once or twice and it works. Follow through!

d. “Temper Tantrums”: You take action and say very calmly but firmly, “That behavior will not be tolerated, it’s too disruptive. You may continue your fit in the backyard. When you’re finished, you are welcome to come back inside. Follow me to the outside.” (When there’s “No” audience, a temper tantrum has no meaning.) It works.get-a-long-shirt

e. “The Get-a-Long Shirt” – When kids wont stop fighting, put them in the “Get-a-Long” Shirt. Picture Explains All! ( Click on it to see a larger image.)


Discipline: the practice of training people to obey rules or a code of behavior, using loving guidance, that requires patience to correct disobedience. In some cases, using punishment to correct the behavior. This does not encourage extreme disciplines.

Punishment: the imposition of an undesirable or unpleasant outcome upon a group or individual. Extreme punishment rarely results in ones desired outcome and is not suggested.

Any other ideas… call 800-944-8443…

(We will Answer. However, If we’re talking to someone on the phone,  call back in a few minutes … or dial Ext. 8 and record. We’ll get your recording and play it back on the air. – If you don’t want it played back, don’t record!  Thanks for the call.)

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