10 things You Understand, If!

Things you’ll understand, if you went to high school in a small town!!

1. Every Friday night was dedicated to sports, whether you liked it or not.
2. And every sporting event always made headline news in your local paper.
3. Your field trips were usually underwhelming and five minutes away from your school.
4. You probably dated one of your friend’s exes because your options were limited.
5. Your idea of hanging out was probably loitering in a parking lot or in some field.
6. But you couldn’t hang out TOO late because your town had a curfew for minors.
7. You were forced to sell World’s Finest Chocolate bars for literally any school event.
8. You were probably late to school once or twice because you got stuck behind a tractor.
9. You and your siblings had the same teachers and textbooks, even though you’re practically decades apart.
10. Your teachers also always doubled as your coaches.

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