A Season for Everything

God doesn’t always explain to us why we are going through the seasons and circumstances that we are. Even so, let go. Relinquish control. You can trust in what He’s doing, even if you aren’t sure why. (thedailyverse.com)

God’s Time
By Woodrow Kroll

Pearl of Wisdom

“To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven.” Ecclesiastes 3:1

Our lives revolve around time. If I asked you what time it is, I have a pretty good idea what you’d do. You’d glance at your watch, check the time and respond appropriately. If you were enjoying what you were doing at the moment, you might exclaim, “My, how time flies!” If you weren’t especially happy about what you were doing, you’d probably groan, “Is it only _____?” Time has been the theme of ballads like “As Time Goes By,” and a common excuse for many failures is, “I didn’t have time.” Most of us check our watch several times a day–or several times an hour. Sometimes we do it more often than we should, like when we’re in church. All of this only goes to show how involved we are with time.

When you live and die in the knowledge of God’s eternal plan, you live and die with this confidence–God makes all things beautiful in their time.

Are you tired of everything in your life going wrong? Are you fed up with trying to make things in your life lovely and easy and pleasant, only to have them turn out messy and hard and distasteful? Maybe you’ve gone the whole route. You’ve been through alcohol, you’ve been through drugs, you’ve been through sex addiction, you’ve been through climbing the ladder of success–and your life is still a colossal mess. But don’t give up yet. There is an answer. The answer is Jesus Christ in your life. It’s through faith in Jesus Christ as your Savior that God can make your life beautiful, and He does it in His own time. And maybe–just maybe–this is God’s time for you. Let Him make your life beautiful.
– See more at: backtothebible.org

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