Truth about St Patrick

St. Patrick’s day IS NOT all about parades, green beer, and shamrocks. SO, LET’S CLEAR UP A FEW MISCONCEPTIONS ABOUT SAINT PATRICK.
from Christianity Today

  • Patrick isn’t really a Saint since Rome never officially canonized Him.
  • Patrick couldn’t have driven the snakes out of Ireland because there were never any snakes there to begin with.
  • Patrick isn’t even Irish. He’s from what’s now Dumbarton, Scotland.
  • Patrick, at age 16 years old, in about the year 405, was captured in a raid and became a slave in pagan Ireland.
  • Far from home, he clung to the religion he had ignored as a teenager… his grandfather a priest had taught him.
  • Forced to tend his master’s sheep in Ireland, he spent his six years of bondage mainly in prayer.
  • Patrick escaped at the suggestion of a dream and returned home.
  • Patrick was in his mid-40s when he returned to Ireland.
  • Patrick’s strategy was to convert chiefs first, who would then convert their clans through their influence.
  • Though he was not solely responsible for converting the island, Patrick was quite successful.
  • He made missionary journeys all over Ireland, and it soon became known as one of Europe’s Christian centers.
  • This, of course, was very important to fifth-century Christians, for whom Ireland was called one of the “ends of the earth.”

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