Steven Curtis Chapman Memoirs

Steven Curtis Chapman will Today (03/20/2017) between 7:10am-7:50am (CST) share about his life story and His new memoirs called, “Between Heaven & the Real World.

Steven Curtis Chapman, the most awarded artist in Christian music history, has:

  • 48 Number one singles,
  • five Grammy’s,
  • an American Music Award
  • 58 Gospel Music Association Dove Awards,
  • More than eleven million albums sold
  • Eight RIAA-certified gold or platinum albums to his credit.

Where Are You Looking?

There is a story about a man named John, who was out walking one night, and saw another man, Jerry, under a lamp post. Approaching, John asked the Jerry what he was looking for? Jerry, without looking up replied, ”My watch.” John asked, “Well precisely where were you standing when you dropped it?”

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Start by Doing what’s Necessary

Start by Doing what’s Necessary, Then Do what’s Possible,
and Suddenly, You’re Doing the Impossible!

~ Francis Assisi

What does that mean?
We believe, it’s about not sitting still. Start moving, even if it’s slow going at first. If you start somewhere even, if it’s small for a while. Do what is Nessessary first. At some point you’ll pick up your pace, then again and again. You find your momentum will build and build.

Objects at rest remain at rest. Objects in motion remain in motion. An outside force applied often and with you steady building momentum, your pace pick up speed until reach your goal. Do that which needs to be done. Then, you find an open field of possibility. When doing the possible becomes common place in your life, what was once Impossible is now Possible.