We Believe God Answers Your Prayers

I wanted to share how I feel tonight. My family might be unusual, but maybe not, we listen and give to both kavx and kswp monthly. Together we pray when paying bills. We always have to think about the money And where it’s spent for most anything…. If you’re a listener to the radio stations, know I gave more tonight than I every have, ever. This time it was the easiest money we have ever given. God always blesses our efforts to give to “Him!” We praise God!!” ~ Terry, Tom & the “Little Ones”

Blessed and thankful. God has been so good to us. Most especially going through some struggles. God provides us with just exactly what we need to keep going one more day. Each day, His blessings pour out. Things are by far from good… with God by our side, our days are great. We play KSWP in every room of the house and its always on 24/7…doubt’s, fears, sickness…none can linger in the midsts of praise! ~ T.

Hey KSWP Listening Down-Under, I just want to say I am so thankful for your radio station. I listen at work (Brisbane, Australia) as it is during the night your side of the world and so there is not much talking at that time, mainly music. It is funny sometimes because people will think I am stretching but I actually have my hands in the air worshiping our wonderful Saviour whilst listening. So good!! Keep up a great station. Blessings ~ Arlene from Brisbane

Daughter’s needs met. Within two weeks of me submitting my request on prayer works. God answered my prayer for the exact things that my daughter needed to sustain employment and help her maintain hope. I am a huge fan of prayerworks because I believe the ministry is an instrument to help people know that God loves us and God is listening! ~ B.

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