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KSWP was a great help to me when I came to East Texas all torn up, messed up and broken in a thousand pieces in June 1989. I was glad to get away from that dry South Texas climate but there was a dry spell in my heart that I had to overcome after my arrival, which I did, all because of what “only God” could do.

I have a story I just have to tell. My husband is self employed and each year I am horrible and procrastinate getting our tax stuff ready for our tax preparer. We had to file an extension again this year and just this week we heard from the preparer. She told us what we owed this year. How were we going to pay it all?
We prayed about it and the Lord to help us. Today I checked the mail and we had a letter from the IRS stating that we had a credit and that it would be applied to our 2015 taxes as soon as they were sent in. It was for 1/2 of the amount that we owe them. I can hardly believe it still. The first thing that popped in my head was, oh wow God “You are so good.” You hear me when I pray. He can work this out with IRS no telling what He will do with our son. Please pray for Him. GoD IS GooD!!!

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