Why Successful Individuals Wear The Same Outfit Daily

from LinkedIn Top Voice

Michelle and I were chatting about what I wear. And she said, “She’s recently read that the most successful people in the World “Wear The Same Outfit Daily.” (not literally but the same style.)” I thought “Why?” I found out, from almost all of them… “It’s one less decision to make daily.” Michelle then pointed out, John C. Maxwell has a quote that I say all the time, “You will never change your life until you change something you do daily. The Secret to your success is found in your “Daily Routine.” He says, “The right rituals and disciplines will help you achieve.”

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God Gives New Life

Sometimes, the most genuine display of faith comes from the most unexpected sources. Of all people, the Roman centurion’s faith impressed Jesus – not a disciple, a follower, a religious authority… but rather a despised Roman military man. Being a follower of Christ, do you have the kind of faith that the centurion did, or is the witness inside of you in hibernation?  (thedailyverse.com/Kat Davis)
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