Stories of Change

God worked a miracle “Back in August I asked for prayer for my husband’s new job in Galveston and for my son’s eye surgery. God has provided a job where he can work from home and is back home and my son has had surgery on both eyes and is ready to be fit for contacts! The surgery was not covered by insurance so we had to pay out of pocket. God made provisions!”

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A Life Changing Story

BlessingsI am so thankful to God in blessing my business getting off that the ground & that He is providing me with business opportunities.

A Praise God Listening Addiction
It is outstanding how much of a blessing KSWP/KAVX have been in my life lately. I used to drive an hour to go to school at Angelina College. That was when I started listening. Now I can’t barely listen to any other station on the dial! Think I have a Praise God Listening Addiction! Praise God because thats what our focus should be on anyway. Our life only goes right when it revolves around His Will. PRAISE MY GOD FOREVER!

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