Stories of Change

God worked a miracle “Back in August I asked for prayer for my husband’s new job in Galveston and for my son’s eye surgery. God has provided a job where he can work from home and is back home and my son has had surgery on both eyes and is ready to be fit for contacts! The surgery was not covered by insurance so we had to pay out of pocket. God made provisions!”

Loss and Adoption “I put a prayer request on here a few weeks ago about finding the right baby that God had waiting on us to adopt. We had only been trying to adopt for 5 weeks at that point. Then, 2 weeks later (March 14th), we found our baby boy! He is in California, due on April 2nd, and we are flying there Saturday to pick him up to bring him here to East Texas! Wow, God worked fast with those prayers! Thank you all for praying. We also want to say that our 2 year old son that we lost in 2013, God saved him 7 times before taking him to heaven. Once He did, He left us with the love for a son. So, I believe our 2 year old in heaven, has been talking with God about giving Mommy and Daddy a new baby here on earth. So praises go up from us to God for all reasons! We have way too many blessings and praises to count, but I wanted to share this in particular because I know all of you out there have prayed for us, and I can’t say thank you enough!”

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