Grocery Store Meltdowns

Your Most Embarrassing Grocery Store Meltdown

My brother, his wife and two girls went to the grocery store and his youngest threw herself on the floor in a fit because she couldn’t open the cereal box right there and eat it. My sister-in-law kept walking but soon noticed that my brother was not there beside her anymore. She turned around and found him lying on the floor next to their daughter, kicking and crying mimicking her fit. Another reason to leave them (the kids) at home while shopping – experts estimate that for every extra minute you spend in a store, you spend about $2 more on unplanned purchases.”

I was in the grocery store grabbing some ice cream and caught about a 5 year old tring to convince his dad to buy him some push ups. The dad did one of those “Eh… probably not tonight…. let’s dance around this without giving a hard no to my kid…” and the kid pushed back. I want a Popsicle! I need a Popsicle…. and the said grabbed his son in embarrassment as he saw me quietly smirking to myself cause I’ve been in that exact situation. The kid melted down and started screaming. I almost laughed when the kid grabbed the box of push ups out of the freezer and rolled all over them yelling & whining in the middle of the aisle.

  • As a parent do you notice you automatically react differently when you feel your child is embarrassing you?
  • How do you re-program yourself not to react when you feel embarrassed or manipulated?

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