Easter on Monday? Read on

From The Blaze – Chris Enloe wrote a great article on “Easter Sunday: ‘He is risen’ & a day of new beginnings.”

I’m adding this line… The idea to continue today (Monday) and on and on… Chris writes… “Easter is about new beginnings and today very well might be a new beginning for you, too…

To many Americans, Easter is a holiday centered on obligatory church visits, the Easter bunny, Easter egg hunts and other rituals used to celebrate “He is risen.”

Once Monday rolls around, though, it’s back to life as normal. Stress. Anxiety. Despair. The same job you hate to show up for.

But it shouldn’t be like that — at all.

Easter is a beautiful day celebrating a fulfilled promise. You see, nearly 2,000 years ago a Jewish man claimed he was the Son of Man, the promised Messiah, the One who was to come and save the Israelites from more than 1,000 years of oppression.

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