The Great Things About Reunions

Whether it’s a Family, Church or Class reunions, they can be fun or not so. It’s hard not to compare yourselves to others. You think about where you are now versus where you thought you might be.

Reunions generate a plethora of fun, excitement, nervessness or downright dread. No matter what we’ve accomplished since that big event, the prospect of reuniting with old classmates, family members or former co-workers, you can transport back—in-time to better or worse memories.

At my recent Class Reunion,

There was no dread instead, excitement, until I got there… it was a blast…
1. Seeing friends I had not seen in many years.
2. Seeing classmates in person who I’ve connected with on social media.
3. Finding out sadly about classmates, friends, love ones who had past on.
4. “Your Doing What? I thought you were going into (fill in the blanks.)

Before you go… Remember:
1. Brush up on names… if you can remember. LOL
2. Be yourself.
3. Your out of your comfort zone. Acknowledge it. To yourself only. Everyone else is too. We’ll, except for (name)!
4. Remember the significant others that are there.
5. I don’t play cards much, but, I did practice my poker face.
6. Talk and ask about them. Let them ask about you, many will and many won’t.
7. Smile and have a good time with you spouse and your friends.

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