You Always Miss. Not Always!

You Miss 100% of the Shots You Don’t Take.” ~ Wayne Gretzkey

I remember reading and article in a magazine. I’m not sure which one. It challenged me. The essence of it spoke about “Starting.”

Often a person freezes and just can’t or won’t begin. You say to yourself,

“What if I fail? Ok, what if you do? You have at least taken action. And I say, because you started, you actually won! Sure you did. You did something vs nothing.

Taking action means you faced “head on” the possibility of failing and/or the possibility of winning. Let’s challenge each other today.

Try Something Today! Win or Lose, Just Try! Going for it Means You Won!

At the very least, do this. Focus for Three (3) Minutes on What It Would Feel Like To “Start!” ………. Congratulations, You Won!

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