Fitness Advice You’ll Want to Take

There are a lot of voices shouting fitness advice from the rooftops, but not a lot of it that you actually want to follow.

While fitness (and diet, nutrition, sleep — heck, health, for that matter) is incredibly personal, and definitely not “one-size-fits-all”.

Here are seven recommendations you could find pretty easy to accept:

Just Do It For 20 Minutes … while not as effective as 40 minutes of exercise, has been shown to lower body weight and fat, increase fitness and lower potential markers for type 2 diabetes risk.

Take Days Off – There are very good reasons to take time off from training. Over-exercising can mess with everything..

Find A Form Of Fitness You Love – If there’s one surefire way to continue dreading your exercise then don’t do it … instead, find something you truly enjoy!

Stop Doing Crunches – Let’s settle this one once and for all: Crunches is not the path to six-pack abs. Because Core Strength is essential to balance, stability and power in your arms and legs. Instead, try plank.

Caffeinate Does even need explain, It give a jolt for stamina and endurance. Coffee or Tea, Your call.

Sleep In – Skimping on sleep to exercise may actually put your health at risk. If you’re short on sleep, you experience higher levels of inflammation and a decrease in the hormones that help you lose fat and stabilize your appetite.

Drink Chocolate MilkP – It is a pretty solid combination of the carbs and protein your body needs while recovering from a workout. Recent research gives us permission to feel like a kid again. (In moderation, of course!)

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