5 Colors You Need for a Happy Home

5 Colors You Need for a Happy Home

From House Beatiful and Olivia Heath

Happy Home? According to an Interiors Experts a fresh coat of paint can make all the difference. We already know how colors can influence our mood and equally reflect our personality, but when it comes to decorating the home, what are the best colors to use to evoke feelings of joy and happiness?

The five colors:

  1. Yellow can be overpowering, so allow yellow accents to shine against a sophisticated grey backdrop.
  2. Green is calming and soothing connotations will bring contentment to your life.
  3. Blue is a calming, serene color that, even in its bolder forms, is considered beneficial to the mind and body.
  4. (Surprise) “Pale pink reflects love, warmth and sensitivity.
  5. Red is a bold and confident shade, and “studies show that red raises the heart rate and induces emotion, so it is ideal for energetic homeowners who like to get things done,”

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