Prayers for Boy Scouts Friends and Family

What did you feel when you heard this story? The list of responses, it’s endless. Three young Boy Scouts on a scouting trip and their lives were gone from us and their families in an instance after their sailboat struck an electric line hanging over the lake.

I’m thinking how horrific this circumstance is!!!  And how if a parent does all the right things and teach them all the right things, they will be perfectly safe!

But, the truth is that you have to put them in God’s hands all the time. You can never take for granted that our kids or loved one are gonna be with us every day. Wow! This story is tough to handle!

Join us and pray for God to be with their family and friends after their loss, as we ask for comfort and grace.

More on this story from Fox News Published August 07, 2017
Third Boy Scout dead after apparent electrocution in Texas

Three Boy Scouts have Passed away after a sailboat carrying the Scouts struck an overhead power line on a lake east of Dallas. The Scouts apparently were electrocuted by the power line in Texas

Texas Parks & Wildlife spokesman Steve Lightfoot said, The 11-year-old Scout had been hospitalized in Shreveport, Louisiana, since the accident Saturday afternoon. But passed away over the weekend.

The other Two Boy Scouts, ages 16 and 18, died on Saturday at the scene. The 18-year-old was found dead onboard while the 16-year-old died in the water, Officials did not immediately release the Scouts’ names.

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