History Making Lufkin All Stars Advance to the World Series

History Making Lufkin All Stars Advance to the World Series

The undefeated Lufkin Little League All Stars, made history, advancing to the Little League World Series in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. The Lufkin team of players, age 12 and under, WIN 2-1 against Texas East!

“It was an effort by the whole team.” says, Coach Bud Maddux. Maddux also said. “He and the other coaches are proud of this group of exceptional young people. They’ve taken care of business and beat the teams put before us.”

Hunter Ditsworth shined at bat and on the mound with a solo home run in the first inning and eight strikeouts on the mound to keep the team in the game. Ditsworth pitched 85 times during the game.

Texas West challenged Texas East in the bottom of the fifth inning by tieing the team 1-1.

However, the Game Winning Home Run came from Clayton Wigley.

The Lufkin Little League All Stars now advance to the Little League All Star World Series! Congratulations, ya’ll make us proud!

Lufkin’s First World Series Little League Allstars 1957

Something about the Little League World Series gets baseball fans everywhere and of all ages excited. It’s probably seeing young kids get a moment in the spotlight. It may also be reminiscing about playing baseball when each of us were kids. Regardless of why we love the Little League World Series, It’s awesome to support this Year Little League Allstars!

And reminiscing about “Lufkin’s First World Series Allstars from 1957.”