Bring Your Bible to School Day

Listeners are you ready for “Bring Your Bible to School Day?” Thursday, October 5, 2017
Standing up for your faith isn’t always easy – especially at school. At Focus on the Family, we want to equip young people to own their faith and share the powerful message of God’s love.

That’s why Bring Your Bible to School Day was born. Each year, thousands of students take their Bibles to school as a simple, yet powerful visual to celebrate religious freedom and spread the hope they’ve found in God’s word.

After nonstop news coverage of natural disasters and racial tension and political divides, I can’t think of a better time to share the hope we have.

This year’s Bring Your Bible to School Day will be held on Thursday, October 5 – two weeks from today! An estimated 356,000 students participated last year, and #BringYourBible went viral when kids across the U.S. posted selfies with their Bibles on social media.


The Bring Your Bible to School Day movement has also captured the attention of Christian influencers like Newsboys, Colton Dixon, Switchfoot, and Duck Dynasty’s Sadie Robertson.


We’re hoping at least 500,000 students will join in this year, and we need your help to get the word out!


Here’s what you can do:

–          Tell your listeners about Bring Your Bible to School Day. Mention the date (October 5), encourage kids to sign up and participate, ask me for a 30 second radio spot, talk about the importance of the Bible in our lives, and highlight our call to share God’s Word with others.

–          Tell kids (and parents) what happens when you sign up. When you sign up on, you’ll automatically be entered for a chance to win a free trip for four to hear the Newsboys. (The Newsboys love Bring Your Bible to School Day!) You’ll also get a free guide with easy tips on getting started, fun activities, downloadable posters, stickers, and T-shirt designs, and info on your legal rights at school.

–          Schedule an interview with Candi Cushman, education analyst and #Bring Your Bible spokesperson. Candi can discuss the heart of Bring Your Bible to School Day and share stories from last year’s event. She can also address the real-life difficulties of being Christian at school and offer tips for parents and kids as they speak truth and love into the culture.

–          Share the love online. Link to and share photos or videos on social media using #BringYourBible.

–          Pray. Pray that God would raise up a generation of students who love the Word and will “be the Jesus” in their schools! Pray that the kids participating would grow in their faith and share the hope they find in the Bible. Pray for courage and boldness, and pray against fear, misunderstanding, and any distractions from the enemy.

If you’d like to set up an interview or learn more about the event, please reply to this email or call/text at 719-439-2839.


Have a great week!




Allison Meggers

Senior Publicist

Focus on the Family

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