Life is like a box of chocolates… or it was!

chocolateFirst, it was the dinosaur.

Then the Dodo bird.

The next item set to go extinct – chocolate.

It seems the famous line uttered by Forrest Gump may be a moot point in the future.

It’s all because of warmer weather in the regions where the cacao plants grow, which is the main ingredient for chocolate.

The warmer weather makes the plants more susceptible to viral and fungal disease.

The Mars corporation is spending $1 billion to help safeguard future cacao supply, mainly looking at how to make the plant more resistant to viral and fungal diseases.

The main cacao producing countries are Ghana and Cote d’Ivoire in West Africa, and in Indonesia.

Extinction is expected to happen by 2050.

So make sure you get your Valentine some chocolate while supplies last.