Device Addiction? The Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!

AppleTreeLgPerhaps it’s a problem in your home with your kids. But two major investors of Apple are demanding the company take steps to protect children from technology addiction through use of Apple products like the iPhone.

One Facebook user commented that it’s not the responsibility of Apple but of parents, who buy techno-devices and give them to their children so they don’t have to interact with their children.

Of course, many parents are just as addicted to their devices too. The Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

It seems self-defeating for a company shareholder to want to keep the company from selling its own product. However many apps exist to help you, as a parent, limit the time your kids stay connected on smartphones. Visit the app store for your device and look for information on parental control. Of course, parents should also limit their time. Children mimic those around them.

Lost In Space

Spy-SatelliteIf your New Year hasn’t started the way you thought, no worries. It can’t compare to what happened with SpaceX, Northrop Grumman Corp, and the US Government.
It seems a multi-billion dollar spy satellite, code named Zuma, failed to reach orbit and is presumed lost in space.
So much for TOP SECRET!

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