Baseball & the Pickled Stuffed Dog

The Dilly Dog, pictured above from The Texas Rangers

Baseball season kicks off and the Texas Rangers stadium has a new PICKLE CORN DOG on the menu. I love the wild stadium food! I know I’m going to spend a fortune to take my family, but at least they have some unique food!

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Cat Dies, Yet Come Home, Huh?

Family’s pet cat returns home 2 days after they thought they buried him

By Tom Tracey and Sally Boyce | Fox News

A family’s cat returned home after they thought they’d buried him. (SWNS)

A grieving family who buried what they thought were the remains of their cherished pet cat were stunned when it turned up fit and well two days later. The Robinson family’s 18-month-old cat, Willow, disappeared after it went out at night during heavy storms.

Willow vanished on Feb. 26 at the height of the combined impact of the Beast from the East and Storm Emma. The cat (Willow) is recoperating. While the kids are asking, “Who did we bury?”