Millennials Top Names

Close up of baby smiling

‘Nameberry’ published a list of names defining this generation. By Caroline Bologna | Huffington Post

Millennials are perhaps the most frequently discussed generation of the moment. While there are many features that define a generation, the folks at Nameberry have focused their energy on the one they know best: the baby names.

The top names were “Jessica and Michael”.

Girls List in Order, Top 15
Jessica (757,533), Ashley (716,529), Amanda (522,245), Sarah (514,385), Jennifer (514,385), Emily (475,353), Samantha (410,105), Elizabeth (403,989), Stephanie (360,574), Lauren (342,725), Nicole (341,634), Brittany (341,515), Megan (341,174), Rachel (315,5660, Hannah (284,662)

Boys List in Order, Top 15
Michael (1,131,021), Christopher (925,809), Matthew (856,718), Joshua (779,372), Daniel (663,363), David (649,402), Andrew (629,809), James (609,005), Joseph (607,257), John (581,023), Nicholas (564,865), Ryan (563,706), Jacob (559,709), Brandon (541,039), Justin (530,206)

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