Waffle House makes News

Story One: Heartwarming gesture by Waffle House employee wins praise. 18-year-old Evoni Williams surprised with scholarship after her generous act for customer was caught on camera and went viral online.

A Texas Waffle House employee has been given a college scholarship after her act of kindness toward a customer went viral.

Story Two: A Waffle House isn’t about to let a little water shortage stop them from serving food.

@WaffleHouse in Georgia is breaking out the infamous “no water” menu.

A water main broke Wednesday morning in DeKalb County, leaving hospitals, restaurants, businesses and schools without water, including the local Waffle House.

While officials are working to restore service, the county issued a water boil advisory and shoppers rushed to the stores to stock up on bottled water, clearing the shelves by mid-day, according to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.