Comments, God Answers

Stacie from Nacogdoches says, “In 2013 my father, mother, husband, uncle and cousin all passed away. I just really needed the grace of God to get me through. The radio station really helped me stay strong.”

Jonna commented: “What I love about the station is that every song has a message – it does not matter where you are at in your life or what you are going though if you listen the songs will speak to you.

Several weeks ago I was driving with my 6 year grand-daughter and she asked me “GiGi why is God the a lion?” and I thought it was a strange question till I realized she was listening to the songs – It really touched me that even though we don’t realize it – they hear it.

Travis Says, “I found the station after going to prison for drugs after my wife died. I support your station because I love Jesus and the stations really helped me live out the grace that God has shown me through the truth in the preaching and the inspiration of music.”

Listeners Say, God Answers

Jessica from Nacogdoches says, she loves listening to the radio stations (listens to both). They transform her family, with 2 kids and a hour long commute everyday – she believes it starts their day off in a good way and gives them strength to face the day.”

Jessica says, “Kids are smart – My daughter’s daycare play’s it during naptime and she comes home singing the songs. It’s fun to hear her 5 year old sing-along on the way home. – and for both my kids to hear positive messages.”

Jesse from Douglas: “The most encouraging thing about KSWP/KAVX is listening to people you’ve never met before, who tell their stories about how God met them in the darkest places and brought them back. It just hits you in the heart and you can pray them and one another.”

Rosa from Diboll says,  “I started listening about 4 years ago for strength to help my mom who diagnosed with cancer. A year later my dad got cancer and eventually passed. In the middle of all that I was going through a divorce – the radio station gave me HOPE and faith and really strengthened my belief in God – The songs just help you feel like “it’s going to be okay!” I listen in my car and I just sing along – whether it’s me or someone I know that’s going through something the songs just speak to me.