Rethink Accountability


With all the fallen leaders in the news this year, does it make you rethink the accountability benchmarks you have in your life?

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Recent conversations on social media and elsewhere have been sounding alarms on the toxicity of celebrity culture within the body of Christ. I was asked to chime in on the subject by sharing several ways that I practice personal accountability and attempt to protect myself from getting sucked into the celebrity quicksand.

These are the particular graces he’s given me that help me along my way:

1. I don’t trust myself.

Practice personal transparency in my teaching by being open about my present flaws and past failures. I spare them the graphics but try to make sure every audience knows the truth: that God has delivered me from serious strongholds of sin and, if I stand, I stand by grace alone.

2. I don’t particularly trust other people.

I’ve learned that anyone capable of adoring you is equally capable of abhorring you. I love and appreciate every individual and group I have the privilege to serve, face-to-face or online, and do so wholeheartedly, but I have been around this block enough times to know how fickle the human heart is.

3. I have a fierce family.

Zero tolerance for pretense, self-righteousness, or self-promotion. In the early days of our marriage, he called out every hint he saw with complete disgust. He’d do the same today, I just try not to give him the opportunity. God alone knows what I owe Keith Moore for any shred of authenticity and believably I possess.

4. We try to keep the ground level at Living Proof.

We are a small in-house staff, maxed out at about 16 employees. I don’t like schmoozing, and they don’t schmooze. We are good friends who share a great deal of transparency with one another. We pray together, often eat lunch together, and serve together.

We also subject Living Proof Ministries to an annual financial audit so that we can maintain our ECFA (Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability) seal. I have godly board members who can and do question anything that is unclear or of concern to them. I also have an accountability group made up of five people who know the hard details of my life and all my current personal challenges.

5. I try not to quench the Holy Spirit. Enough Said.



2 thoughts on “Rethink Accountability

  1. Straight .. to the point. And a good guide to follow. Being new to this walking with Christ. Wanting to do only as he would have me do. And trying so hard living to glorify only him. Never me. That’s when I’m happiest. I’m always afraid people see me and not him. DOes that ever play a part in holding you back ?
    People don’t know me. They don’t know what’s in my heart. I’m sometimes over excited and so giddy to share I come off. Loud. Annoying. Immature. So I pull back.
    Anyway. Thanks. And God bless all of you almost there KSWP/KAVX. And airwaves everywhere. Bringing God closer.

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