Sleep, Big Impact on Your Life

Sleep can have an impact on more aspects of your life than you think, according to SleepCycle

The vast majority (93%) of Americans admit that getting a good night’s sleep affects their day. A full three-quarters (75%) feel better, more than half (52%) get more done, 39% are more patient—especially women (44%)—and 39% perform better at work.

The new survey from also found that women especially (40%) feel that they look better after a good night’s sleep.

A lack of sleep, on the other hand, has some disastrous consequences—particularly for women, who are crankier, puffier and generally feel worse:

How does a lack of sleep affect you?         Women                   Men
I’m crankier                                                   67 percent              52 percent
I look worse (puffy skin, dark circles)       48 percent              32 percent
I feel physically ill                                         36 percent              26 percent
I drink more coffee                                      29 percent              30 percent
I can’t perform well at work                       29 percent               27 percent

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